Locally grown flowers

This year, I have started selling flowers at my local butchers (Allan Martin Meats) in Ashurst Wood. And although it would be great to supply British grown flowers all the time, it's sometimes not possible. However, I have been testing out a few British flower growers and absolutely love what I have a been receiving. 


If you're local to me, do pop down to Allan Martin Meats and pick up a bunch or jam jar. Alternatively, do drop me a message or give me a call if you'd like to order some.


Email contact@arabellafloral.com 

Call 07870 271212

*Stock is  limited, so order now to avoid disappointment. Once it's gone, it's gone! (Until next week, when I will have new flowers...)

Treat yourself to beautiful flowers every week, every other week, every month - it's up to you!